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Matt Chat–The YouTube Channel You Should be Watching if You Played Video Games in the 80s or 90s


Nerd service announcement:

If you played video games in the 80s and/or 90s and have never heard of, or watched Matt Chat, you you are in for a treat. One of my friends aptly described it as, “Behind the Music for vintage video games.”

Matt Barton (College Professor and Author) debuted Matt Chat in February 2009 with a low-production-quality, but loving, retrospective of SSI’s classic AD&D CRPG, “Pool of Radiance.” Since then, Matt has produced an additional 100 episodes, and has made leaps-and-bounds in production value. In addition to his editorial retrospectives, Matt began doing interviews with game developers around episode 40.

To whet your appetite, here is a listing of the first 101 episodes of Matt Chat :

1: Pool of Radiance
2: Myst
3: Defender of the Crown
4: M.U.L.E.
5: Elite
7: The Sims
8: The Secret of Monkey Island
9: The Oregon Trail
10: Lemmings
11: Civilization
12: Metroid
13: Adventure
14: The Lost Vikings
15: The PLATO Computer System
16: Lode Runner
17: Ultima VII, The Black Gate
18: Summer Games
19: Gauntlet
20: Worms and Artillery Games
21: Super Mario Kart
22: Deja Vu, Uninvited, Shadowgate, and MacVentures
23: Planescape Torment
24: Star Control II and the Spacewar Legacy
25: Knights of the Old Republic
26: David Crane's Ghostbusters
27: Autoduel
28: Maniac Mansion
29: Wizardry
30: Fallout
31: A Rockstar Ate My Hamster
32: Tomb Raider
33: Jade Empire
34: System Shock 2
35: Alone in the Dark
36: Starcraft
37: Syndicate
38: Legacy of the Ancients
39: World of Warcraft Part One
39: World of Warcraft Part Two
40: Sword of Fargoal with Jeff McCord
41: The History of Cinemaware with Bob Jacob
42: Dragon Age Origins
43: Archon
44: Ralph Baer, the Father of Videogames
45: Rogue
46: Choose Your Own Adventure with R.A. Montgomery
47: Quest for Glory
48: Dungeons of Daggorath
49: Nancy Drew featuring Jessica Chiang
50 Part 1: Leisure Suit Larry featuring Al Lowe
50 Part 2: Leisure Suit Larry featuring Al Lowe
51: Interview with John Romero (Early Days)
52: Wolfenstein 3D with John Romero
53: Doom with John Romero
54: Quake with John Romero
55: Daikatana with John Romero
56: Ocarina of Time
57: Tunnels of Doom
58: Heroes of Might and Magic
59: The Settlers
60: X-COM, UFO Defense
61: Sid Meier's Pirates
62: Chris Avellone's Early Days
63: Planescape Torment with Chris Avellone
64: Sean Cooper's Early Days
65: Syndicate with Sean Cooper
66: Fallout with Tim Cain, Pt. 1
67: Fallout with Tim Cain Pt. 2
68: Arcanum and More with Tim Cain
69: Howard Scott Warshaw's Early Days
70: ET and Yar's Revenge with Howard Scott Warshaw
71: The Bard's Tale
72: Deus Ex
73: The Dig
74: Dune II
75: Interview with Megan Gaiser and Rob Riedl of Her Interactive
76: King's Quest
77: Darklands
78: Arnold Hendrick Interview Pt. 1
78: Interview with Arnold Hendrick Pt. 2
78: Interview with Arnold Hendrick Pt. 3
79: Scott Adams' Early Days
80: Adventureland with Scott Adams
81: Questprobe and More with Scott Adams
82: Interview with Rebecca "Burger" Heineman Pt. 1
83: Rebecca Heineman Pt. 2
84: Rebecca Heineman Pt. 3
85: Rebecca Heineman Pt. 4
86: Bard's Tale IV and Wasteland II with Rebecca Heineman
87: Twilight Scene it with Don Kurtz (censored)
88: The Donimator Gets His
89: Bard's Tale and Wizardry with Brian Fargo
90: Wasteland and Fallout with Brian Fargo
91: The Fall of Interplay with Brian Fargo
92: Mail Order Monsters
93: Scratches and Asylum with Agustín Cordes
94: Interview with Agustín Cordes Pt. 2
95: Skylanders and more with Paul Reiche and Fred Ford
96: Star Control and More with Paul Reiche and Fred Ford
97: The Horde and More with Fred Ford and Paul Reiche
98: Scott Miller Interview Pt. 1
99: Duke Nukem with Scott Miller
100: Scott Miller will Live Forever
101: Baldur's Gate