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New Old Stock In-Box C64C Arrives

As stated in my previous blog, I always wanted a C64C when I was a kid. Someone on ebay happened to be selling one that had never been used. I was a little skeptical of that claim when I purchased it, but from what I can tell upon inspection, it does seem to be 100% mint. All of the cables were still wrapped in original plastic with aged looking tape. The manuals were all sealed, and the computer itself did not have a spot of dust on it or in it. All connectors and slots appear to be virgin.

Without further ado:



Needless to say, while I was opening everything up, I felt like a kid on Christmas day.

Raymond Computer, St Paul, MN

I've driven by the place probably 1000 times in my life because I've been in various bands that have rented rehearsal spaces near his shop. Finally a few months ago I noticed the Commodore logo in the window. Today I decided to peek my head in there since I'm currently on the prowl for a few things.

OH MY GOD! This place is a Commodork's dream come true. Here's a photoshoot of the place thanks to Lemoner Brian Day:

Those photos only do the shop partial justice because they can't really capture the full glory and size of the space. I think there are 3 rooms total. The entry way is roughly 12x12ft, and then there is another room roughly the same size. Then there is a much larger space in the back (20x 20ft?) which appears to be the workshop area. That is also where the point of sale terminal is (a c64 and dot matrix printer). Every square inch of this place is covered in goodies.

As the photos show, there is way too much stuff to take in, but I did notice ample amounts of commodores (vics, 64s, 128s, and Amigas), plus all of the displays, printers, and other peripherals you could care to shake a stick at. Also, there was a ton of software (opened and unopened), plus a good shelf of books, and a magazine rack filled with gems.

I was in a little bit of a hurry, but I was able to spend some time talking with the owner. He seems like a really interesting fellow who obviously has a vast knowledge of Commodores. He has most of the common stuff you'd find on Ebay,, and cmdrkey. His pricing seems to be pretty fair as well. I doubt he can keep his website in check with his inventory so if you are ever looking for something and it's not on his site, fire him off an email. He ships internationally and does repairs.

Let me tell you, going into that place was much more fun than scrounging ebay. I left there with a 1702 and a geek buzz.

Commodore 64 Tax Refund Revival

I am 32 years old at the time of writing this blog. I make my living as a computer programmer. I got my start at programming when my father purchased a C64 at a COMBS outlet store (COMBS became LeBelle's, which became Best Buy) after a coworker had informed him that their POS terminal was mismarking a full C64+Monitor+1571 Drive at $19.95. My best guess is that this was around 1982 or 1983. My C64 was my best friend from 1982 until 1992 when my family eventually got with the times and bought a PC.

Thanks to the 2008 IRS economic stimulus package, I've decided to whole heartedly reclaim my love for the c64. Here is what I have purchased over the week via the interwebs:

All About the Commodore 64 Volume 1
All About the Commodore 64 Volume 2

I also picked up THE c64 programming guide:

The C64 uses double-sided, double-density 5.25 " disks which aren't in production anymore, so I'll have to start stockpiling them. I've got my eyes on a large unopened stock on ebay, but here is what will get me by in the meantime:


Of course I'm going to need a C64 and Disk drive right? That being the case I picked up a classic C64

I was always jealous of my neighbor who eventually got the C64C with the improved ergonomics and sound chip, so I got one of those too, which happens to be a never used new in box find (oh yeah!!!):

And of course, there is the mandatory FastLoad cartridge:

Here's a little device that will allow me to hook the c64 drives up to my PC so I can transfer software I download from the internet to the c64 floppy drive:

Finally, a little something to turn my girlfriend's head: