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Asheron's Call 100th Update Goes Live August 26th

As reported in June, August brings the 100th content update to the venerable MMO, Asheron's Call. The game servers will go down on August 26th at 7am Eastern time for the update. When they come back up at 2pm, users will be greeted with a slew of new content and functionality which is outlined in the update's release notes. In a recent video interview, AC Community Manager Andy Cataldo revealed that this update will be about the size of a retail expansion pack.

Highlights include:

  • Three lore-related player/creature factions (Good/Neutral/Evil)
  • PvP/Faction land control over two new PK Towns
  • New Loot Tier
  • Level 8 Spells
  • A new landmass called Freebooter Isle, a new area called the Moarsman City, and the expansion of the already existing Graveyard area.

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