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New Goodies

A few new goodies have shown up over the past few weeks.

First up is a copy of Elementary Commodore 64. This book is very unique because the book is littered with some very trippy 80s artwork interpretations of computer language concepts. I may devote a future post to the artwork in this book since I didn't have time to take many photos today.

My 1541ultimate with Ethernet arrived last week. This is an amazing cartridge which offers full 1541 emulation while reading/writing to a SD card. It even has an audio out which sends audio that mimics the sound of a 1541. It also has a flashable cartridge ROM and many other very cool features. The current feature set can be found here. Apparently SuperCPU emulation is coming soon too, which is something I am very excited about.

Other notable recent items include a pleather dust cover for my main 1541 and JiffyDOS sets for 2 of my C64s, 1 1541, and 1 1541 II.


Anonymous said...

Elementary Commodore 64
I'm lucky to have this book also.

dilbert from Retrobits Podcast Fourm.

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