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Did You Know That New Games Are Still Being Released For The Commodore 64?

It may surprise you to read this, but the venerable Commodore 64 is still getting new commercial game releases in this day and age. Although 99.99999% of the software industry left the C64 behind in the early 90s, there are a few independent developers and publishers here and there that still put out releases. One such label is Psytronik Software. Psytronic specializes in creative conversions and re-releases of classic 8 bit hits, and the development of new titles. Their most recent project, "Knight'n'Grail" has been getting a lot of positive buzz in the C64 community, and all indications point to the possibility of an instant classic. Check out this pre-release video:

More information about Knight'n'Grail can be found here:


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