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Infocom Acquisitions Round 2

Here's what I've accumulated via ebay and Amazon on the Infocom front since round 1.

I am especially fond of this last one. I purchased it used on Amazon and had no idea it wasn't going to be the standard grey box edition. Heck, I didn't even know there was a folio version.


Mookie Spitz said...

Did you make sure each game came with all the "feelies"? I started collecting and was a bit negligent at first. I just got SHOGUN, making my INFOCOM collection about complete. Years ago I used to LIVE for these games; now it's great to gather 'em all back up again. I don't think they'll ever be a gaming era as cool.

Daniel Auger said...

Planetfall is the only one so far that hasn't been feelie complete. I've been pretty diligent on making sure all the feelies were there except for on a few of the cheaper ones. In That regard, I have taken a couple risks that payed off in the end. I only payed $10 for Sorcerer, and $12 for Zork Trilogy, which both ended up being feelie complete. That being said, outside of the items that are still sealed, almost nothing I have acquired is 100% complete in regards to the extraneous stuff such as brochures and registration cards.

I have to say that I'm impressed by the original owners who had the foresight not to use some of the potentially consumable feelies such as the Moonmist iron on and the Witness matchbook.

I agree that it was a fantastic era of games. They actually hold up quite well. The writers were brilliant about giving you just enough detail and letting your mind go nuts.

Obviously those of us who collect these consider the packaging to be one of the highlights of the genre. It's too bad that outside of some collectors edition releases that companies don't create high quality packaging like this anymore. I do try to get collectors editions of modern games when they have neat extras such as the Bioshock Big Daddy. The upcoming collector's edition for Fallout 3 looks to be legendary as well. The only other extremely impressive collectors edition I have is for WoW.

gnome said...

A most impressive collection you got yourself... Oh, and how's the Retro Survival DVD?

Daniel Auger said...

Thanks! The Retro Survival CD is pretty neat. Basically, it's an archive of old gaming articles presented on disc. I'm finding it to be a fun read even though I wasn't part of the original audience.

gnome said...

Being an ancient reader of Retro Gamer then, I guess I'll enjoy it. Thanks.

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