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Commodore 64 Tax Refund Revival

I am 32 years old at the time of writing this blog. I make my living as a computer programmer. I got my start at programming when my father purchased a C64 at a COMBS outlet store (COMBS became LeBelle's, which became Best Buy) after a coworker had informed him that their POS terminal was mismarking a full C64+Monitor+1571 Drive at $19.95. My best guess is that this was around 1982 or 1983. My C64 was my best friend from 1982 until 1992 when my family eventually got with the times and bought a PC.

Thanks to the 2008 IRS economic stimulus package, I've decided to whole heartedly reclaim my love for the c64. Here is what I have purchased over the week via the interwebs:

All About the Commodore 64 Volume 1
All About the Commodore 64 Volume 2

I also picked up THE c64 programming guide:

The C64 uses double-sided, double-density 5.25 " disks which aren't in production anymore, so I'll have to start stockpiling them. I've got my eyes on a large unopened stock on ebay, but here is what will get me by in the meantime:


Of course I'm going to need a C64 and Disk drive right? That being the case I picked up a classic C64

I was always jealous of my neighbor who eventually got the C64C with the improved ergonomics and sound chip, so I got one of those too, which happens to be a never used new in box find (oh yeah!!!):

And of course, there is the mandatory FastLoad cartridge:

Here's a little device that will allow me to hook the c64 drives up to my PC so I can transfer software I download from the internet to the c64 floppy drive:

Finally, a little something to turn my girlfriend's head:


TheTick said...

I actually had the C128 (after out C64 was passed on). Gunship, Silent Service, Seven Cities of Gold, M.U.L.E., Impossible Mission, what memories.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. LaBelle's became Best btw. Not Best Buy, I worked for Best Buy when Best was still in business. Idiots would bring stuff purchased from Best into our store and try to return it.

Daniel Auger said...

Yes you are correct! I totally forgot that Best was a completely different store. 'Funny how time plays tricks on the mind.

Anonymous said...

Any plans to go as far as getting Amigas

Daniel Auger said...


But seriously, I have no plans of getting into Amigas at this time. I never had one so I wouldn't get the nostalgia rush from one. However, I have been toying with the idea of getting a 128 and running a BBS on it, but I don't really need another time consuming hobby.

Joe Cincotta said...

With that T-Shirt, you rock... Nice collection of kit - I am still trying to get the time to convert my old disk collection to D64's

Daniel Auger said...

Have fun with the d64 conversion project. Maybe you'll find something that's rare and not out in the wild yet.

Joe Bucci said...

I picked up a C64, 2 tape drives, 1 VIC1540 drive, 1 1541 drive, a BRAND NEW 1702 monitor (in the box w/manuals and SALES SLIP!), tons of software on disks & tapes. For.. (Get this) $20.00!

Got it setup. I use PRG-WAV, and I'm able to transfer stuff from the 'net with a standard casette recorder.

Then *some* things can be put on disks.

Great Nostalgia. I'm 55 by the way, I even had a Kim board, and got it working!

I truly LOVE the C64 and C64C.

You NEED both! the C64 has a different SID than then the 64C. So, sometimes you need the "older" 6581 chip.


Daniel Auger said...

Joe B - You lucky devil! (the 1702)

I need to try PRG-WAV one of these days. Back in the day, everyone I knew and myself included only had 1541 drives, therefore I missed out on the alternate tape loaders etc...

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