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New Old Stock In-Box C64C Arrives

As stated in my previous blog, I always wanted a C64C when I was a kid. Someone on ebay happened to be selling one that had never been used. I was a little skeptical of that claim when I purchased it, but from what I can tell upon inspection, it does seem to be 100% mint. All of the cables were still wrapped in original plastic with aged looking tape. The manuals were all sealed, and the computer itself did not have a spot of dust on it or in it. All connectors and slots appear to be virgin.

Without further ado:



Needless to say, while I was opening everything up, I felt like a kid on Christmas day.


gklinger said...

Nice score. There's nothing quite like opening up a new one, even if you're doing it 20+ years after the fact. Now you have to start searching for a NIB 1541-II and you're set. :)

Daniel Auger said...

Watch for a blog update soon regarding a NIB 1541 II. :)

I'd love to find a NIB Monitor or printer, but I'm not holding my breath.

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